Technology Enriching The Lives Of Seniors

Technology is at the heart of nearly every aspect of our daily lives today.  You wake up using your cell phone’s alarm clock.  You watch television using the internet and a chosen streaming application.  

You protect your home and family with interconnected surveillance devices, and there’s a lot more people rely on today’s technology to achieve.  Take a quick peek at some of the most useful technology for seniors out on the market, and be in the know next time your most beloved senior needs a little help.  

Personal health tech tools 

Senior health is a major focus for a well-rounded, long lasting life.  If you want to give your favorite senior a little leg up on health awareness, you should consider gifting them a FitBit or Apple Watch.  

Wearable technology is great for helping seniors keep tabs on their blood pressure, heart rate, and other elements of their well being.  A simple wearable piece of technology can do a lot to help enrich a life.  

Making home a safe space 

Getting older means that home may not be the safest place anymore.  If your favorite senior lives in an assisted living community, you know that the staff has their safety in mind at all times.  

However, living at home when you are tussling with physical ailments or mobility challenges may require a bit more technology to assure safety.  Thankfully, today’s technology has made home surveillance and security much more affordable.  

Technology for medication management

Managing all the medications and vitamins a senior might need to take each day can become quite confusing.  Different times and doses can easily get confused, but that worry diminishes when you have a Hero medication management system at your disposal.  

Hero is a piece of technology that will dose, disperse, and refill your favorite senior’s medications, so they never miss a dose of their most important medications.  

Keeping track of things 

Losing things like the remote control, a cell phone, or the car keys can become extremely inconveniencing, and you don’t have to be a senior to know what that feels like.  Thankfully, technology has an answer to this challenge as well.  

The Tile Sticker is a simple little sticker you place on the item you don’t want to lose.  The sticker is a tracker that will talk to a mobile app on your phone, so you can easily find the item you’re seeking.  

Senior capable tablet 

Finally, there’s a tablet out there that is specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors.  The GrandPad can facilitate communication with family and entertainment all the same.  The tablet has enlarged text for easy reading, and you can send voice automated emails and messages to people with just your words.  

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