Be An Agile Coach Or A Certified Professional With The ICP-ACC Course

Become an Agile team coach or a certified Scrum Master through ICP-ACC course today. ICP-ACC course provides two courses for continued learning and professional certifications in the Scrum and Agile specialisations. The certifications permit the use of the training and 24SEUs, and PDUs earned to get professional certifications from both ICAgile and

Scrum framework and the Agile suite solve complex operations when you have domain expertise on the scalability of projects from small enterprises to large global multi-location projects. By the end of the Scrum training ICP-ACC course, you will be able to:

  • Enhance your skill sets and function on the Scrum framework
  • Motivate your team members for project success by leading Agile teams
  • Mitigate risks by planning ahead and increasing functionality in Scrum
  • ROI maximisation
  • Plan, schedule, and induce efficient speedy deliveries
  • Ensure smooth collaboration and communication between the team and stakeholders

The Agile coach is an all-in-one person who teaches, learns by doing, solves problems, teaches and guides for goal attainment and is, in reality, the team’s best friend for being Agile. The ICP Agile Certified Coach Training can provide you with focused guidance and support in developing your coaching skills in Agile. No formal qualifications are required for the ICP-ACC course through an understanding and some work experience in Agile help.

The ICP Agile Certified Coach Training should make you proficient in understanding the roles, mindset, and Agile Coach responsibilities of mentoring robust Agile, lean teams for improved enterprise efficiency and productivity.

Some of the topics comprehensively and practically covered in the Agile suite ICP Agile Certified Coach Training are

  • How to develop the Agile mindset and thinking
  • To promote and motivate team dynamics through self-awareness
  • Mentoring Agile transitions and roles
  • Resolving team dysfunctions and conflicts
  • Communication, building teams, and team collaboration essentials
  • Coaching and mentoring practices for performance in teams

The outcomes aimed for in ICP Agile Certified Coach Training are

  • Fostering Agile-lean thinking and Scrum culture in the enterprise for positive changes and redefinition to Agile attitudes and work tenets
  • Imbibing core competencies on Scrum platform and Agile principles
  • Proficiency in tools, skills, and practices for in transition, aspiring and existing Scrum and Agile professionals
  • Handling issues, conflicts, and team management better
  • Empowering through team practice sessions the achieving of goals set in Scrum and Agile environments

ICP-ACC Course Features

The 21 hours accelerated immersive ICP Agile Certified Coach Training on Agile coaching helps get you the esteemed Agile Certified Coach (ICP-ACC)-ICAgile Certified Professional. You earn 24 SEUs and PDUs to enable professional certification from ICAgile Certifying body and by completing the course. The world-class courseware in downloadable format and 3 months free access to e-learning materials is a bonus.

Both these certifications are coveted in the Agile environment. The PSM exam requires a score of above 85% to qualify and is reputed to be tougher than the CSM exams for Scrum Masters.

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