The Impact Of Live Streaming On Digital Marketing Strategies

Live streaming refers to the method of getting media delivered to an individual user while simultaneously being delivered or received by an application. The word ‘live’ refers to both the delivery method and the media itself, as in ‘a live concert’. Live streaming refers to both the delivery method and the media themselves, as in ‘a live movie’.

How does Singapore Live Streaming affect the Digital Marketing?

Digital streaming uses digital technology to deliver media as opposed to analog technology. The source of media is generally compressed such that it takes up only a few seconds to download the data, as opposed to a few seconds for an analog transfer. This means that the quality of the video or audio will be much better, as well as taking up less bandwidth.

As an example, YouTube is a live streaming portal which has almost one hundred seventy million active users. And, even though it may not be visible to everyone, if you are logged on at the time of upload your video, it will be viewable by virtually all Internet users. As more Internet users continue to log on to their computers at particular times of the day, this number is only increasing.

Live streaming allows for the immediate creation of a connection between brand and audience. With brands no longer having to create separate websites in order to reach out to their audience, they are able to increase their visibility within their own brand’s social media networks at the same time as reaching out to a larger audience through digital channels.

Moreover, brands can connect with their audience in a very different way, via an online community built around their product or service. Social media platforms provide a platform through which brands can interact with their audience, build relationships, and engage with their audience on an individual level. Brands that have used this strategy have seen a marked increase in return from their brand’s social media marketing strategies.

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