Productivity solutions grant and important tips


Compared to many countries, Singapore is well-known as a favorable and a country to offer the friendliest environment for businesses. This is mainly because the government has launched incentives and a variety of programs suitable for many business communities. Productivity solutions grant is a grant that is specifically designed for small businesses as well as medium-sized enterprises and businesses. Here are some tips for productivity solutions grant .

Check if your company is eligible

The first important thing to do is checking whether your company is eligible or not. There are three important criteria that companies must meet for them to be eligible. The first important step is to register your business and to make sure that you operate within Singapore. Second, you have to make sure that at least 30% of the shareholding is within Singapore and its locals.

Understanding the process

Before you start looking for productivity solutions grant, it is very important to try and understand the process. This way, you will avoid making many mistakes that you would have made in the process. If possible, you should get the right consultation from an expert or a solution provider. That way, the application will not be challenging

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