How Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 is Beneficial?

The growing fashion towards moving away from traditional business environments to cloud-based platforms is transforming how businesses function today. More and more organizations and enterprises across multiple sectors are considering microsoft office 365 migration. Businesses have started recognizing the benefits of migrating to Office 365 and how it helps decision-making be more efficient and accessible.

Flexible working environment

The advantage of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 is that it enables the company employees to access files and documents anytime, anywhere, using any device. There is no need to set up VPNs, which makes the process hassle-free, and less time-consuming. Moving to the cloud means the employees have a flexible working environment, which also enhances productivity.

Since every file is centrally situated in a Microsoft data center, a single data source is accessible to all the required employees. Even if one changes at a location, the others in different areas can also view the most updated document version. This is the most highlighting advantage that has propelled businesses to shift to the cloud.

Better scalability

The surety over expenses is one of the prime benefits of the Microsoft Office subscription. The user is aware of the price rates and budgets and customized plans to ensure that every group in the company has access to the workloads of their roles. Moreover, one can quickly scale up and down right at the right, as and when required. This helps the organizations to remove or add licenses as required by the business. This is particularly helpful when businesses encounter significant rapid growth or fluctuations.

Equipped with security features

Microsoft Office 365 has many security features that ensure a secure business in the cloud. The Office 365 applications can be accessed via TSL/SSL technologies. This means that without authorization, the files intercepted cannot be read by an unauthorized employee. Regular security audits are conducted to eliminate suspicious activities and create a robust security response protocol. Henceforth, businesses won’t hesitate to consider microsoft office 365 migration from their traditional business setup.

Some other security features include:

  •   Updated antivirus signatures
  •   Antivirus and anti-spam filtering for email security
  •   Computing security measures

Instant up-to-date features and add-ons

Microsoft Office 365 keeps the business 100% secure in the cloud. Thanks to the auto-update feature, one doesn’t have to take the hassles of routinely updating the software manually. Since the cloud gets updated with the latest security and other features, the business is not vulnerable to being exploited due to older software add-ons.

The moment new features are included in Microsoft Office 365, they get automatically included in the software solutions of the business. Therefore, the employees get the opportunity to use the new technologies and Office applications and solutions. Access to new features helps to improve productivity and workload.


Storing and backing-up data in the cloud is a low-cost affair. Additionally, it is flexible and a necessary step for businesses, especially when there is an increasing need for compliance and policies. Thousands of users are conducting microsoft office 365 migration every day. The migration helps businesses to shift on-premise mailbox, email system, and any cloud-based services to Microsoft Office 365 and have access from a single source.

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