What is a high-quality backlink?

Ever since you got your website ready, you might have been advised to get your website rank on the first page of search engine such as Google, Bing, etc.

As you know, it takes a long way to reach the first page in search engine result page and you need quality backlinks for your website

Yes, links coming to your website from other websites is an efficient way to improve your website rankings.

Howbeit, remember that not all backlinks can improve your rankings, and some might even have a negative effect.

Hence, you must focus on getting high or excellent quality backlinks.

A high-quality backlink is built with white hat SEO techniques meeting Google’s link building guidelines and comes from a website with high UR and DA (Domain Authority).

Let us look at the significant characteristics of a high-quality backlink.

Domain authority

When a highly reputed person in a particular niche mentions you, the listeners’ impression about you will be influenced by that person’s authority in the field.

Similarly, when your website gets backlink from an important domain, there is a high chance for people to believe that your website has valuable information in your niche.

This will have a good impact on your importance and can bring in a good conversion rate and organic traffic.

Pro tip: Besides driving traffic from high quality backlinks, you can also use email newsletters to improve the organic traffic to your website.

In fact, you can drive targeted audience to your website with an email campaign. All you need is an email list of your target audience. You may wonder how to find an email address.

How to find an email address to send email?

You can use email lookup tools like to find email addresses of your target audience and get your list ready.

Then you could use it to send email newsletters.

When potential audience access your newsletters, there is a high chance that they visit your website.


When you manage to get quality links from a relevant and authority source that only talks about your website, and not anyone else in your industry, then it is more powerful.

This is evident because such links are unique to your site.

Let us look at a straightforward example of such a link.

A conference site that mentions speakers and companies that take part in conferences.

Not everyone (your competitors) will be present at the conference, right?

Therefore, conferences are a great place to build high quality, unique links to your website.


Any link coming into your site must be from a relevant source & topic, only then it is referred to as relevant backlink.


A good backlink should drive traffic to your website. If the link is not placed in a position where it is not clicked, there will be no traffic

For example, if the link is placed in the footer, it will not get noticed properly and rarely be clicked by anyone.

Concluding thoughts

If you wish to grow your business, it is significant that you understand what the search engine considers as natural links, and you need to seek SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips to build high quality backlinks.

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