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Top 6 Principles of Effective Web Design

Effective web design is always judged by the user than the website owner. The Effectiveness of a website design not only includes its aesthetically pleasing appearance but it should also stay up to date with search engine guidelines. For that matter, a range of professionals & established companies like Ottawa Web Development with different areas of expertise are engaged in a diversified and major decision related to the website. Here is some of the critical points & principles of good web design to follow:


Website design & development should follow a purpose that could be related to user need and expectations.  This purpose could be anything any information regarding product & services, purchasing, entertainment, education, knowledge etc. So the first essential step in web design is to decide on a purpose of the website design and then design accordingly. Not only homepage but other landing pages also have a purpose and vision according to the need of customer, visitor or the services of the business.


The most effective technique for a clear communication could be the use of heading and subheadings so that information could be easily readable. Apart from that bullet points, images, infographics & video are also a good mediums of communication for the user. These medium provides a vast knowledge about the offerings of the business.


Apart from that, a good & clearly appealing content is also a must have for any of the business. In general, some fonts such as Arial and Verdana are easier to read online. These are contemporary looking fonts. The content and should be in ideal font size that could be for reading easily online is 16px.


A picture is the way of most easy and clear communication way.  Choosing the right images can help in brand positioning for the website & also help in connecting with the target audience. For this matter, either business can use high quality professional photos of their products or they can purchase stock images at economical prices. Moreover infographics & videos are also good medium for the website to convey its information to customers.


As easy the Navigation could be the user would love to stay on the website to gather more and more information. Website design could be easily navigable. So that people can easily take action and move around on the website. A logical page hierarchy,  designing clickable buttons, using breadcrumbs are some of the techniques for a slandered navigation of a website. Apart from that navigation should also follow ‘three click rule’ that means users will be able to find the information within three clicks.

Mobile friendly

Nowdays people use to browse website thorough smartphone and tablets more than desktop devices. So make sure your website should be optimized for mobile devices or your website design should be responsive so that it can change according to the device.

By keeping all design elements in mind a beautiful and functional website can be created. A good web design and development company like Ottawa web design services can guide you through the whole process and build you a functional website that will engage users in their business.


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