The Best Virtual Career Fair Platforms and Software Options

Online job fair platforms have become common today, mainly because of the pandemic. Most industries are continually growing and offering services, even with employees working from home. This platform is vital to help companies looking for qualified employees through a virtual meeting or job seekers looking for a job through a virtual career fair. Below are the best virtual career fair platforms and software options companies and job seekers can choose from.


This platform was founded in 2009, and it’s mainly used by several organizations, including the University of Wisconsin Platteville, Georgia Tech, and Hire Heroes. By holding virtual career fairs and university online events, this platform connects graduates with various organizations. By using this platform, companies save lots of time and money.


This virtual career fair platform is best for companies that need to host expos, career fairs, and training. It was established in 2008 and has helped many firms sell their brands. The companies recruiting graduates should ensure that those using the platform get feedback on what they ask quickly, and it’s also easy to use. However, the platform has many features that can disrupt the user when participating in online events.


Today, most people are using zoom to stay connected. Family, friends and employers, and employees easily communicate through this platform. Though this platform wasn’t initially used to match graduates and organizations, companies are using it as a virtual career fair platform to interview potential employees and zoom meetings where companies talk of ways to expand their brand.


This platform offers tools that work as a career fair platform. Thus, the tools capture all the information the candidates give. The recruiters listen to the information and choose the candidates who qualify for the job. However, most virtual career fair platforms have these tools integrated into them.

Brazen Virtual Career Platform

This platform hosts many clients, including NYU, Temple, Spectrum, and Northrop Grumman. It was established in 2007 and has many tools to help graduates and organizations connect. The users can hold several events, including live video broadcasts, multi-company virtual career fairs, recruiting chatbots, and single-company virtual hiring events. It has users because of its ease of use. It also saves companies time and money because it can hold several interviews simultaneously.

Lee Hetcht Harrison

This is the best platform for employees seeking new jobs. It’s efficient because employers don’t have to pay to market their brand. However, users have a limited time for virtual career fairs because they are held on specific dates each year from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. eastern time. Though it’s free, companies and candidates who aren’t available during the predetermined date and time have to wait until the next hosting period. So, organizations looking for specific candidates should try another reliable virtual career fair platform. But those on a tight budget should always mark their calendars to use this platform.

Organizations don’t have to close down because of the pandemic. Instead, they should use these virtual career fair platforms to hire candidates and discuss options to keep the companies running. However, they should choose what is affordable depending on their budget.

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