Safe to say that Google is an internet giant. For every search that is made on the search engine, there are unlimited signals that suggest where the site would rank on the search engine result page.  Every of this signal is a part of the SEO pie and is very important.

Although some of the pie may turn out more important than the other. They are all necessary. However, checking through every piece of the pie one by one will be impossible. Hence the need for seobility, which is also known as your SEO audit tool.

Every SEO audit tool works in ensuring that your site has a high score of search engine optimization.


before you start using any seobility check at all there are some manual checks you should check out for. Except if your website is new, always rank for your brand. After ensuring that your site is ranked on the page, check if that site is accessible.

By ranking, we mean that your site should appear on the search engine result page when the name of your brand is entered. So checking if the site is accessible suggests if the link of your site can be opened.

So if the link is inaccessible users are likely to have issues deciding what version of the site to rank, there may be cases of doubled contents and also a splitting link equity between these sites. One challenging issue faced by the SEO audit is the indexation problem. They are most times under the critical category. They even work both ways. A site can have a lot of pages indexed.

Some may have a few indexes. Regardless, A deeper audit will surface precise problems.  It is necessary to make a quick check to ensure that Google’s results on the number of index is right. To find out the number of indexed pages for your site, check out the google coverage report.


Speed cannot be overemphasized. One of the factors of a high search engine result page ranking is speed. It is very essential for search engine optimization. There is the need to speed up your site. Just in case you didn’t know, you can increase the speed of your sites. Some tools can be used to test the speed of a site.

The tools are usually very accurate so there’s a need for you to pay attention to every detail. Your site should be as fast as it should be. If your site scores over ninety per cent on the tools. Then you are good to go. To increase speed, you can work on your fonts. Fonts tend to slow the site. Defer pages while running ads and so on.


The first input delay is the period between when a site becomes accessible while the largest contentful paint is the time that is taken by the main content page to load. This core vital web assessment is carried out by a search engine, google to test your cumulative layout shift.

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