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React being a view library is the best choice for developing Single page applications. This technology is based on JavaScript. Backed by Facebook and rapidly gaining popularity in the field of web application development, React JS makes it possible to develop dynamic fronted applications. Some of the great features offered by React are universal apps, declarative views, data binding, and component architecture.

Zeolearn provides well-organised and a well- structured course in React. The course covers many concepts in React including fundamental, intermediate and advanced. This course can be really helpful if the candidate wants to make a promising profile in the creation of single page applications. This facilitates businesses to achieve faster ROI through the reduction in development and maintenance costs usually incurred. The applications developed also feature greater accessibility.

The React course: Objectives

Students enrolled for the React training will learn the following:

  • Students will learn and understand the importance of Single Page React Applications and how they are different when compared to traditional development frameworks
  • Trainers will train them to code by making use of best features in the language like ES6
  • They will develop new applications with the support of trainers from scratch in React 16
  • Advantages and use of unidirectional data flow is also taught for the candidates
  • The course aims to provide complete exposure on all the popular libraries like Redux Saga, Redux, React, and React Router
  • Make use of styled components for the development of presentational components
  • For better debugging techniques, take the complete advantage of Redux dev and React tools
  • Make use of the immutable.js library which helps in following immutable state principles
  • Unit testing of reacting components and Redux using Jest, and even Sinon
  • For the reduction of initial loads times and for SEO benefits implement the server side rendering
  • Learn web pack bundler along with its other features like hot module replacement, tree shaking, code splitting, and lazy loading
  • Learn to build, create, and deploy React applications for the cloud
  • Make use of sources an ecosystem in React for third-party libraries

Prerequisites for React JS Course:

All the candidates interested in the React course must have prior knowledge on the development of JavaScript. This is very useful and in case if they do not have knowledge of JavaScript, then trainers will provide intensive training on this before the actual course commences.

Software which is required for learning this course is

  • Google Chrome and any other modern browsers will also do the job
  • Node>6
  • JS editor or any other VS code Editor
  • Operating systems like Ubuntu, Mac, or Windows

Modes Of Delivering The Course Curriculum:

There are many types in which the courses are structured so that it is convenient for all types of candidates.

  • There is live classroom training provided for students
  • Zeolearn also provides online classes which are best suited for working professionals
  • There is corporate training or team training which can be chosen by any company to up-skill their team
  • If in case exclusive and customised course is required, then they will also provide one on one train

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