Bulk Solids and Bulk Powders Cooling Technology

Through the years, cooling bulk solids for example sugar, fertilizer, chemicals, plastics, dried biosolids, minerals, and lots of other kinds of grains, crystals and bulk powders while using traditional technologies doesn’t guarantee quality final products. Consequently, the company productivity was greatly affected and first and foremost this technology is loaded with lots of disadvantages to cope with.

As a result of this concern, leading industrial companies along with their finest scientists and engineers developed a laudable breakthrough technology that efficiently cools bulk solids and bulk powders of all, the majority solids cooling technology. Our planet leading technology continues to be broadly use in a number of bulk powder applications worldwide. It’s also acquired the status for effectively facilitating the entire process of cooling bulk powders.

How It Operates

First, this technology facilitate a sluggish and controlled product flow by permitting the majority powders and bulk solids materials to pass through gradually downward between a number of vertical hollow heat exchange plates. And then, the types of materials undergo indirect plate cooling after which it goes through full of flow technology in which the mass flow discharge feeder creates uniform product velocity with the cooler and regulates the merchandise flow rate. And finally, it passes a vertical configuration where bulk solids go through the vertical cooler by gravity.

Why It’s Better

This bulk solids cooler technology is regarded as super-efficient when compared with other competing technology because it melts away to 90% less energy. The indirect plate cooling was particularly made with out using air within the cooling process and for that reason eliminates the necessity of a sizable horsepower electric drives and also the connected heat losses causeing this to be technology as the best bulk solids cooler technology available.

In addition, this technology supplies a uniform final product temperatures because the product moves with uniform velocity with the heat exchanger which describe as full of flow design. This selection, coupled with lengthy residence occasions (typically 5-ten minutes), enables even temperature distribution because the product goes through heat exchanger, producing remarkably stable and uniform final product temperatures.

Because this technology includes a vertical configuration, the look is both compact and modular meaning additional heat exchanger plate banks could be stacked if elevated cooling capacity is needed later on. The compact installation footprint makes this design simple to integrate in existing plants and is fantastic for de-bottlenecking, revamps and capacity increases.

The mere proven fact that this technology was created by having an indirect plate cooling, air sits dormant within the entire cooling process. Cellular phone costs were also reduced since there’s you don’t need to install unnecessary air handling equipment for example large diameter air ducting, motors, fans, scrubbers, chillers, and emissions controls. Fines, dusts, and odors were also eliminated because air was unfamiliar with the direct cooling from the product thanks to the indirect plate cooling design.

Lastly, this technology creates a superior final product because the movements from the products over the process was slow and completely controlled. And due to this, it will help prevents product abrasion and degradation, thus, there’s no alternation in the particle characteristics. The potential risks of microbial contamination, odor contamination, and product moisture content changes were also eliminated since air doesn’t have connection with these products throughout the whole process.

When compared with other competing technologies, this bulk solids and bulk powders cooling technology is much far superior when it comes to efficiency, design, and effectiveness. Thus, making use of this ultra-efficient cooling technology couldn’t only help saves energy but simultaneously emissions are eliminated and first and foremost this helps in enhancing your business productivity.

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