A Guide to Setting Up a Data Center: What you Should Know 

Every organisation generates data, which needs to be stored correctly and as time passes, the amount of data increases and before very long, a company will require its data center. In this short article, we take an in-depth look at setting up a data center and highlight important aspects.

  • Scalability – An essential aspect of data storage and collection, scalability allows for rapid expansion with minimal cost. There isn’t much point in designing a data center that will be full in a year or two; you need to calculate how many extra servers can be incorporated into the space and make sure that it is adequate for your needs.
  • Climate control – Using a lot of electricity generates heat, therefore you need an effective HVAC system that keeps the space within a certain temperature range. This is one of the reasons why giant corporations such as Google build their data centers in cold climate countries, as it is much easier to control the conditions within the facility.
  • UPS – Uninterrupted power supply ensures your operation is unaffected by power outages and with a/c power distribution, your data center has several failsafe systems in place. We recommend approaching a data center specialist in Thailand, a company with many years of hands-on experience designing and building data centers for their clients.
  • Security – Of course, you need adequate security to protect your data center; full CCTV coverage and possible manned security, while cyber-security can be provided by a locally managed IT services company. The last thing you need is for a hacker to breach your IT defences, so do take appropriate action to reduce the risk of data theft.
  • Humidity – Humidity can be a factor, especially in a tropical country like Thailand, where you will likely require a few dehumidifiers in your data center. If you consult with an established data center provider, they can make some recommendations to deal with high humidity levels, ensuring that the environment is suitable for data storage and collection.
  • Fire prevention – Fire is always a risk where electricity is used and suitable fire extinguishers need to be in place, along with smoke detectors to give you advanced warning, in the event of a fire.
  • Backup servers – It is important to have a system that automatically backs up your data every few minutes, which means you will never lose valuable data.

If your current data storage facility is inadequate and you are looking to create a new data center facility, start with a Google search to locate a company that specialises in the design and construction of data storage facilities.

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