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A Guide On How To Build A Website Using Website Builder

In order to gain an online presence website building has attained much recognition nowadays. Even a non-technical person can make a website very easily. Various tools are available online that make this process very simple.

A website can be made with the help of a website builder or with WordPress. The process to create a website is an easy task with the help of a website builder. It can be created by following simple steps in an hour only.

Using a Website Builder to Build a Website

Selecting Your Website Builder

Website builders take care of technical aspects and help you to focus on designing and the content part. Choosing the appropriate website builder is very important and it can be chosen depending on your needs. Every website builder provides free trials.

Signing Up For the Right plan

These website builders offer different plans and each website has different needs. Choosing the right plan ensures that you are not paying for things that you do not need.

Select a Domain Name

A domain name is a URL that identifies the website.  When you sign up with website builders they do it for you. A domain name makes your presence on the internet so it should be relevant, short, do not use numbers and check that your domain name should not be already taken or chosen by someone else.

Pick Your Template

It is very essential to pick the right template as it provides a unique framework for your website. The website builders provide a number of templates and you can choose it according to your preferences.

Customization of Templates

It is necessary to give your website a different look than other websites. Customization includes the addition of new pages, changing color, size and fonts of buttons, adding contact forms and menus and linking social media channels.

Preview your website

Before you publish your website you need to test it and ensure that everything is working fine on your website. You can click the preview button in the editor mode to see how your website looks like.


After all the steps of the website building have been completed, you can press the ‘publish’ button to launch your website. Now it is live and everybody can see it.

Another Approach to build a website is with the help of WordPress which provides advanced customization, scalability and backend control. If you need to customize with WordPress it requires more technical skills than the website builders.


Thus knowing about the different stages in a website development helps you in creating a website. With the help of appropriate online tools like website builder and WordPress, you can create a website easily, even if you do not have any technical knowledge.

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